Why would you make contact with your ex after 2 months??

In Jan, we split because he didn't have time for me, or feel as if he wasn't a "good" guy and that I "Deserve better". Since then no contact.

However, in march 16 he call me but I was on vacation and on 24th I call him back. kept the convo short and told him I had to go. then he text- I like talking to you, it was good to hear from you and he wanted to know I'm OK, and that if I ever need to talk, I can call him anytime" we then text a little then he call and we stayed on the phone for 3 hours just talking and reminiscing a little bit and just laughing. I didn't talk bout the pasts or breakup.he said he was scared to call me cause he was afraid I wasn't going to answer but I did. he remember the last time we talk was in Jan and that it been 2 months since, eventually we hung up cause our cell was gonna die.

This was on wed, then on Friday he text me again and we text for a little bit, and he ask if he can call me, and he did, We were on the phone for an hour until we both fell asleep.

What should I do? Is there a reason that he was calling, or was it just to boost his ego? or did he really miss me?


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  • First of all, he didn't break up with you because he didn't love you (at least that's how it sounds to me). He seems like a good guy that really cares about you. You didn't say if he flirted a lot when you were on the phone so I'm gonna assume that you didn't because people usually flirt when they are looking for an ego boost.

    I think that maybe he hesitated and got scared while you were dating or he really didn't feel like he had the time to be fully commited in a relationship and that's why he broke up with you. But I'm pretty sure that he still has feelings for you and that he is missing you.


    most guys won't spend more than 15 min on the phone with you if you are just a fling, let alone 3 hours. Not to mention that they won't ask if they can call you later, they'll just do it.

    • Thanks your answers makes me feel better! its good to know guys won't talk more than 15 mins, if its just a fling. crosses fingerws**

  • Hookup ... its safe and easier...he might have feelings for you or wants to get back together if the other girl didn't work out..


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