Guys, Commitment phobic yet he has feelings for me?

A guy (age 32) has become my teacher for my last year at college (I'm 36) From the first time it was more than just a teacher-student relationship. We started talking for hours after his classes and formed a deep friendship. He was looking at me in a way a guy does when he likes a girl, but we never started anything serious until graduation when he started flirting with me. Other teachers noticed as well. After that we started dating, though things started up in a weird way as he was asking questions like whether I like his looks as he's just an average guy. At first he was nice, he even came to a Christmas party with my friends, but after that things started taking a 180 degree turn. He didn't take me to family events, he distanced himself a bit from me and started talking about past wounds or ex-gfs. He also admitted that he still lives with the parents and that he has hemochromatosis. A few weeks into dating he wanted to break up saying that he's not ready for a relationship, but within half an hour we were kissing again, though he explained he needed his space and that he needs to take things slowly. He took me out on my bday but he didn't come to celebrate with my friends and I only met his friends once, even though it seemed like they were supportive of us. I never demanded anything like moving in, marriage, and he started calling me his girlfriend by himself (the time we spent together was more important than the label). We met every week once, and he also did a huge help with a legal issue for me, but the day after he introduced me to his solicitor friend he broke up saying he is not in love, he has this block and if I couldn't make him overcome, he doesn't know who will. We both cried and at the end he asked me to never forget him. We are still in touch every now and then and he still says nice things about me, but he is hot and cold. The other day I bumped into him and he said I should drop him a line to meet if I feel better. I just don't know what to do.
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PS: he' not a womanizer type of guy, he rather spends time with his family than hanging out at the bar all the time or in clubs. And to add to the question unfortunately he also had performance anxiety when we were together, and no matter what I tried to persuade him that it's all right, nothing helped. He says that he hasn't been in a relationship before me for a long time (about 3 years, during which period he hasn't had sex with anyone).
Guys, Commitment phobic yet he has feelings for me?
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