Help please. I don't know what to do?

Today this guy ended things with me because he thought I was cheating on him so he stopped talking to me and I would always have to text him first. Last night, I told him to message me when he woke up so I could talk to him before he went to work. But instead of texting me, he got on Facebook and was doing stuff on there. So I've texted him and asked if something was up because he was acting weird. He told me he didn't want to talk anymore and he ended things. He even blocked me on everything before I even got a chance to explain. What should I do to get over it?


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  • Be happy?
    If I suspected my SO was cheating, I'd be upset, may prepare myself to leave him etc. But I'd still wait for him, say "look, the girl you said you didn't know called you last night and I saw it because I had to put your phone on silent" (whatever), so you lied, and I want the truth.. explain yourself.

    Why does he think you cheated? What "did you do" that gave off that impression? I mean, for yourself, learn for the future how to not give off that impression.

    But if he's going to not give you a chance, just move on and know he wasn't being fair.
    If you want him back though, just have to rock up somewhere, or write a letter or something. Explain what happened.

    • But @Victorianne has it. Communication is paramount. As much as a conversation will be horrible and upsetting you have to have it so you can make a proper decision. He jumped to a conclusion, and then decided to cut you out completely.

      He doesn't seem to be all that invested in the relationship nor willing to communicate.

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    • i didn't do anything at all. But 2 years ago I he found out I was talking to someone else and got pretty upset. But I've grown up and I'm not immature anymore and I've showed him I wasn't multiple times but for some reason, he still thinks I'm cheating

    • Sounds like he just wanted out then and was always looking for a reason. And ok even if he has a reason for you to get upset that was a while ago now and if you haven't done it since he should move on.

      But at your age I can understand him being a bit immature. We all do silly things sometimes.
      But he should work on his communication

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  • He obviously doesn't trust you for whatever reason. He isn't eager or willing to talk about it which shows he isn't interested in what you have to say. Therefore , doesn't want to try to make the relationship work.

    Communication is paramount in all relationships. A relationship can't survive without it.

  • You need time to grieve and accept it first

  • Ummmm


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