Why is he cheating on her with me?

so I have been talking to this guy for two weeks now, & I thought we were a "thing" until he told me he had a girlfriend..

so I was wondering,

does he not like his girlfriend anymore?

or what do you think is going on?

because, I really like this guy. but you never know.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He is having his cake and eating it two, he likes the idea of an open realtionship when it is open for him, if you start seeing someone else how do you think he will react, will he leave her.. Sure Brad left Jen for Angelina... is that what you want to do...


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What Guys Said 1

  • women are so slow...

    no, he probably wants to use you for sex on the side and there are probably others besides you.

    if not that, he told you he had a girlfriend because he's actually an okay guy and told the truth.

    why would you like a guy who has a girlfriend and talks to other girls (you) on the side? fact: if he does it to his gf, he will do it to you.

    • I'm a girl myself, but it's true, most women are so naive. It actually annoys me.

What Girls Said 2

  • i think he's just on his player status he wants to talk to other girls while still with his girfriend...you might not even be the only OTHER girl he's talking to. so id just drop his ass.

  • Just remember if he's cheating on her, he's totally capable of doing the same to you. So I'd just stop worryin about anything he's doin..


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