My ex is confusing me?

We broke up because he didn't know what he wanted a month ago. We stayed friends afterwards. We slept together and agreed to stop after the second time since friends don't do that and it made things confusing. It happened a few times again after that. We aren't anymore but over the last week my ex has been more attentive via text (just constantly telling me what he's doing and being kind, though he is a really sensitive/kind person so there is that) and when we've hung out we ended up cuddling. He calls me dear all the time and got jealous when I told him about a guy helping me carry stuff (just asked me a lot of questions that you normally wouldn't ask). Not sure what to take from it? I want to date again eventually but think that staying 'friends' might be the best course of action for the time being. He has had a bad experiences in the past and I told him if always be there for him. I meant it and he says the same things to me in that aspect.


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  • You're an idiot. You're nothing but a backup plan and an occasional fuck buddy and that's all you'll ever be to him. He tells you what you want to hear so you'll keep fucking him

    • We haven't done anything in a couple of weeks and I was the one who initiated it almost each time... So I guess he will never be anything more than a fuck buddy to me since you kindly put it that way

    • Of course he went for it. What guy wouldn't? If everything is so hunky dory why did you split up, why aren't you together in a committed loving relationship? Because he only wants What's between your legs and it doesn't matter who initiates

    • I have to agree with this guy, although he could have written it a bit more tactifully

  • Lose him... When a guy does that (or girl), usually they have gone out and tried to get someone they perceive to be better than you (than the other person wasn't interested) so they come back

    • He has a lot of issues with depression and bad relationship experiences. He treated me differently than his other exes from my understanding (according to mutual friends anyways) and was a lot more serious about me. It freaked him out, but that is a valid possibility too

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