Why are some men bitter after?

I was talking to my ex boyfriend about work and then the conversation turned into talking about our failed relationship.

He said “We were never together like that, we were just really good friends.”

I said “Really good friends?” lol your making no sense but it doesn’t matter I don’t care. Lol”

He said, “We were good friends up until that point…Ok I hope all is well with you.”

I said, “ Well Jeff asked about you I will tell him your well.”

He said “Stop talking about me, live your life, see you around homie.”

I said smiled

If that just doesn’t prove he’s crazy and shows he’s still bitter about the break up. Trying to hurt me by down playing our relationship didn’t work. Plus its childish, why must he try to hurt me every time he sees me. I just laughed because clearly all our family and friends knew we were together so if he wants to pretend it didn't happen so be it.
Why are some men bitter after?
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