I really don't know what to do?

My now ex boyfriend and I of five years had a rocky few weeks but normally we don't really argue.

He found out his job might be at risk and switched on me completely. He went all moody on me and his personality kind of went distant.

Following an argument two weeks later, We had a argument at one point as i was stressed out and felt he was never around and i said i felt alone with him being away a lot - i regret it but i kind of burst as i had been under lots of stress. That is where it all started really. he told me he can't say he loves me anymore and suddenly has no feelings and said he was hoping to. It blew over... after an intense conversation about what we should do about the relationship and he just kept saying he didn't know. It's like he didn't want to break up or didn't know how to say it - not sure which one.

We have been looking at buying a house which he was happy about, we even put an offer down which we planned to pull out the following Friday should the redundancy happen.

He received a job update again which he heard he might be away a lot and said to me he didn't know if he wanted to be with me anymore again. We then didn't speak for two weeks as he cut me off after a tense conversation where we broke up on the phone, as he just wouldn't speak to me. I did try to speak to him as girls do, got ignored every time. He tends to think people would just walk away from him so i didn't want him to think i would just give up.

Last Saturday i turned up to his house. He purchased a new play station a tablet and some more DVDs. Said that he just wants to be on his own and wouldn't look at me at all, wouldn't look at my face was starring out the window clenching his fists. If I tried to look him his eyes started watering. He said he can't tell me he loves me back and didn't see the point basically.
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Said he would rather be on his own and will be on constant business travel due to a redundancy in his team meaning he is booked up constantly now Monday to Friday each week until October so far. He said he thinks of himself as a loner now. Said he has had a clear mind for the last two weeks and is really happy as he hasn't got to worry about anyone but himself. I don't believe that for a second as he looked really upset and i don't know, kind of unstable.
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His parents were worried about him as we were communicating and he looked miserable and just wasn't himself but he wouldn't speak to them.

I feel really bad for walking away from him but he literally didn't give me a choice as he had no interest in being near me. If I touched him he would move away most of the time. I did try to stroke his back and back of his head (which he likes) and he didn't move.

I can't get my head around how much he has changed so quickly. I am heart broken.
I really don't know what to do?
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