He told his friends we broke up?

Does that mean our chances of getting back together are over for good?


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  • Your chances haven't changed at all, he just talked about it with his friends, thats all. If you want him back then talk to him and express how you feel.

    • Well I last said I would give him space so I will stick to my word and do that as I went into major stalker mode so first and I could see he was in a bad way. He needs to figure out what he wants from life etc and I think he can only do that on his own. I am just gutted he is telling people we broke up as he always says he never gets back with an ex. I'm really not handling this break up well. I feel rubbish constantly. Xx

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    • Keep yourself busy. Its all you can do.
      Going out drinking isn't going to help, at all. I have tried that and it doesn't do anything. Talking to friends who respect you and won't take advantage of your situation is another option.

    • Yeah it just makes me feel awful drinking at the mo. All the skinny confident girls too make me feel worse like I will die single. I need to focus on getting myself happy again with fitness and beauty etc and just focus on myself.
      I know he will just cut me out his life as its his way of dealing with thing, whereas I'm not like that but I guess I will have to be. Xx

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  • If he really doesn't want to be with you any more then there really isn't anything you can do about it to "make" him get back together with you. As it's simply put he does not want to be with you anymore.

    It's not easy to get back together in a relationship and neither will it be easy to move forward and put him behind you in your past and let him go, but letting him go really would be the best for yourself at this point.

  • No. He could be telling his friends that because he wants you back

  • yep over


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  • Depends who broke up with who. When my ex broke up with me he not only told his friends but mine as well. But everyone went against him cause he was being a jerk about it. He seemed proud to have dumped a girl


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