After break up... Depression?

After breaking up with my boyfriend after two years (first boyfriend first love he was originally from India but not born there) I'm white but European, we were very similar but then again different... Reason why we broke up we just argued few times then it started building up about the past and insecurities and little misunderstandings. Took me 8 months to finally cut contact it's been a week since we stopped officially speaking... But I keep thinking about stuff how I wasn't good enough I'm not rich he was very well off, I'm not the smartest he was very smart with a good job, I don't have that many friends.. I don't have that much of s social life, I have a small family, when we got together I was so happy and confident... He did fall in love with me I was his first proper relationship. But after we broke up and things turned very ugly and stressful and sour.. He said things like I wasn't good enough... I feel so low that he compares me to other girls now that I'm not doing good enough... He compares me to girls he knew and knows off... I feel soooo sad all the time thinking about this. I wanna be successful and do well and travel and be happy. But things seem to not be working out for me, I just feel like he looks at other girls on social media and compares me to them and how they are better than me. Just from the stuff he said to me when we argued I feel so judged. I just want to be happy I just feel like such a bad person that I'm not special or anything at all :( need some advice?


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  • wait...
    how did you know that you're not smart, not good enough, not special or anything at all? because he said so?
    yesterday my friend called me an alien... does that mean I'm an alien?

    what you're doing now is you blame yourself for what happened and for losing someone unique... which mean you'll give the opportunity for others to take advantage of you... and unfortunately he's not a unique and deal with that.

    let's face it...
    that relationship ended because it was less than your standards or what you asked for... It's not about money or how many friends you have or you weren't good enough... it's about you were with wrong person.
    you made a lot of effort into that relationship until you lost yourself confidence.

    If you really want to be happy and successful... all you have to do is stop comparing yourself to others and accept what happened as an opportunity and not as a punishment.
    If you want the money and travel +successful to find happiness and do all this to challenges that person... you'll lose because you challenge someone has nothing to lose. but if you want to do it for yourself... I'll give a big thumb for you cuz when challenge yourself... you'll change things you don't expect that they'll change.
    you're still young... so don't be silly. stand and build a glory for yourself.
    you're better than that.

  • you'll be okay eventually


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