What does she do this? What do I do about it?

I tried to have a conversation with my ex about us. She flirts with me sometimes when she's drunk, but she says she's glad we're friends. She kissed me once, but then flipped out about it the next day.

So I tried to see if she wanted to talk. She was kinda staring off to the side so I tried to turn her face to me and ask her why she can't even look at me. We talked for a bit, and then she asked me what I wanted so I said I'd leave it to her. I kissed her goodnight, and she texted me later saying a part of her still liked me but that she was trying not to let that affect our friendship.

I guess I botched up my opportunity to tell her how I felt. I wanted things to be on her terms because I was the one who broke up with her and I know I've hurt her but I don't want to ask for her back unless it's on her terms.

My friend said the ball's in my court and that she probably texted me that because she was afraid. I guess the way I approached the conversation was a really bad idea. What can I do about it? Is it a lost cause?
What does she do this? What do I do about it?
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