Please some one help me? I need answers?

I've been with this boy for a year. I've been a good girlfriend let him drive my car, let him hold my phone when he didn't have one... i was good to him. But I love him so much I didn't want to loose him, i even lied about being pregnant for him.. The lie I regret that he forever throw in my face.. So one day he go get arrested and he is charge with home invasion, arm robbery, and control substance... But they let him out on house arrest and while on house arrest he broke up with me and he been on house arrest for 11 months.. He acting different he treating me like a hoe now , he more into the same friends that got him in trouble... He got trial this week I look online and found out. He so happen to ask me what's my number on Kik. I gave it to him and he never responded back and I'm trying to figure out why he wants my number. We don't talk on the phone that's for sure. I'm just thinking was me lying about being pregnant was enough for him not to want me after I done cry for this boy, go out my way for this boy, never missed court dates, gave him money, love him, help him was me lying enough for him to say fuck me
Please some one help me? I need answers?
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