My ex boyfriend... guys, I really need your opinion!

Okay guys I need your help...

So my and my ex broke up 6 months ago.

We didn't talk at all for 2 months,

In that time, I had been through 2 relationships already but missed him the whole time.

then one day, he randomly started trying really hard to hangout with me again, so we did and ended up hooking up.

After that he wanted me to call him again and wanted to hangout sometime soon. I never ended up calling him for about 3 days, cause I was still trying to deal with my clingy ex.

But when I talked to him on msn that night he didn't answer me. Then he didn't that the next night too.

i was really confused and just gave up.

now, I have a new boyfriend who told me my ex still loved me. When I asked why he said that, he told me he just to tell me how amazing I am are...

and so I started texting my ex again and stuff, I miss him so I want to talk to him but I feel horrible doing that to my boyfriend.

Ether way, my ex answers me but never initiates the contact.

I'm really confused... do you guys think he misses me?

and if he does, should I stay with my current boyfriend or go back to him ?


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  • Stay with your current one.


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