He Says He Doesn't Love Me But I Just Don't Believe That?

My beloved and I were very happy with each other. We went out every other week, we would cuddle all day and just be happy together. He enjoyed all the affectionate and love and I did too. Unfortunately, he texted me one morning spamming me out of worry because I told him my phone would be off soon and he worries way too much over my family situation. Then later that day he texts me again saying we should stop seeing each other and that I am not worth the stress, money or time.

I asked him if he was okay and he said he is fine he just doesn't love me. Then I told him I do not believe him. Then he said not to contact him even if he contacts me. It just confused me because we were fine the whole time. I was trying to figure out what went wrong and all I can think about is how he worries too much about my family situation. I drew this conclusion because he literally told me this afternoon spamming me out of worry and stress was the first word he used in his statement. So if he does not love me, why worry so much over me?

Also, if he doesn't love me why would he still think to contact me when he told me not to? While we were together I noticed he was always smiling and he doesn't smile for anyone. I can tell the difference between his forced smile and genuine smile. He smiled genuinely with me and they even showed in his eyes. When I felt uneasy about us in the beginning he did everything to make sure I had faith in us. Why do all that if he doesn't love me? He also had to deal with taxes and health insurance soon, so I felt that was apart of the real reason he left me.

He would get emotional if I put myself down, he becomes especially very vulnerable around me. But I always try to make him smile. I like when we are happy and not negative. We were doing so well majority of the time, so I do not believe he doesn't love me, especially when he was the one who pursued me and did everything to keep it that way.


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  • He wants to push you away because he's too afraid of his feelings for you. He worries too much, as you said so he thinks that pushing you away will be the best for him. I suggest you won't give up on this but it's all on you.


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  • Naw it sounds like he really cares for and loves you, but as to why he left only he knows the true reasons

  • im not reading all that shit you wrote but ill answer your question in the title... Men will lie all the time about loving you but its rare they lie about not loving you


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