Before and after?

Back in grade school - a girl who always had a crush on you was kinda big and not that pretty, 8 years has past and you see her again - She changed.. What would go through your head and would you think she would talk to you again after making fun of her back in the past?


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  • i would think we both would have matured. I would be mature enough to talk to her and admire the changes. the past is gone. don't linger on it :) it's a new day for new opportunities.


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  • The story of my life!

    Dont give guys like that a chance. I know it was a long time ago but pretty much the only thing that changed about you was your looks. If he is trying to talk to you now its because you're pretty now, not because he's sorry. There are enough guys out there that you don't have to dig through the trash and date someone who treated you like crap I don't care if it was 8 years ago. Don't give him the satisfaction trust me


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