How do I get over a girl that mean everything to me :S?

i tried to let her go but i just can't no matter what i do , i have been trying do move on for a year and nothing new :(


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  • I have the same question as you.. My break up was more recent than yours, almost 2 months ago but she meant everything to me as well I basically lived my life for her, everything I did was always with one intention... To keep her happy but obviously it wasn't good enough. But my opinion based on what I've been reading is there is no certain amount of time that you will wake up one day and just be ok and I truly believe that will never happened with myself. I'm sure eventually I'll learn to live with it the best I can but I don't ever see myself being completely ok and not care that we aren't together anymore. I didn't plan for this.. But then again most people Dont know its coming... Can't predict the future or know what someone is going to do or how they are going to feel. Sad part is some people change, and unfortunately for me the love of my life changed and wasn't happy with me anymore despite my multiple efforts to make her happy it didn't work I know she still loved me and still does but she's not in love with me anymore like I am with her and she's the type of person that when her mind is made up there is no changing it I tried everything I possibly could to save the relationship but I can't force someone to feel a certain way. I thought we could make it through anything. But now I'm left sitting here with option B that I have no clue what it is yet. Currently I'm not meeting new people or talking to anyone Im just not ready for it yet and even if I forced myself to go out and start dating again it just wouldn't be fair to that person because my heart wouldn't be there I couldn't invest my effort into someone else right now even if I tried.

  • i feel you're pain. it hurts. are you friends with her? do you still spend time with her?

    • no we r still friends , but i don't talk to her , and she is sensing that i am ignoring her , she doesn't talk to me she share posts that hints and maybe like a pic of me this kind of stuff

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    • So she does t date at all? Or she's a lesbian?

    • i was suspecting the same that she is a lesbian xD but i staked her from this part to know and she talk about guys with her friends , so i think she is not , i don't really know what is going on inside her mind :/

  • just get over her


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