Is it ever possible to get an ex boyfriend back after they say their feelings have changed? Basically it's them flipping a switch?

it was a 3 year relationship. We were engaged. Does the no contact rule really work? He all of sudden flipped a switch and said he just wants to be alone. He told me I should move on and he said it's not fair for me to wait for him...

we broke up June 12. I've contacted him 3 times since then... We talked about the relationship all in which included him not wanting to get back together. I don't want to loose him for good. I want what we had back. I want our relationship back where it was good and he still loves me and appreciated me.

What at are some good ways to get an ex back? Or is it already hopeless? I know I can't make it work if I'm the only one who wants to make it work...

Any my tips or ideas? Do all of those "how to get your ex boyfriend rules that you search for on the internet really work?
I just get angry sometimes now. Because it makes me so upset. A guy who promises you the world is now okay with never seeing you again. At one moment he couldn't bare to see me hurt and he loved me and now I'm like the enemy and he could care less. I have good days and bad days. People are just so unpredictable with their actions and behaviors..


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  • All I can say is, people don't realize what they've lost until it's gone. If he truly did love you, you'll most likely see him crawling back with time. If he doesn't ever come back, he most likely never loved you in the first place. Sometimes it takes years for people to come back, sometimes only a matter of weeks. In the meantime, I would try and move on and learn to appreciate being on your own and seeing how awesome of a person you really are.

    • Thanks.. Do you think I should just give up and start dating other people like go on tinder or bumble?

      We lived together and we were engaged. He decided after 3.5 years we were incompatible. I felt like we really did love each other and we just had a rough patch. He told me not to wait for him. I'm heartbroken... And yeah it's been hard to start feeling good again... I feel like I'm not ready to date being its just almost been a month since we broke up. He has already just removed his relationship status to nothing and has changed his Facebook photo. He hadn't deleted any of the other photos of us yet... He' sold his house and is moving into an apartment and says he just wants to be alone. I just bought a house by myself and we still live in the same town.

      Maybe dating someone else might make me feel better? Or it might make me feel worse. I just want to find someone where I had that instant chemistry like I had with my ex. He had such a nice and good personality.

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    • @confuzzledgirlie good to know. I think getting advice from strangers can be very helpful. There is always someone out there that can relate with certain issues.

    • Yeah that's why I love this site x

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  • Not really, they can find their love again


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  • I'm literally in the same boat. 5 years in a few weeks and he said he doesn't love me and wants to be alone, maybe all men at the mo are hormonal or something...

    • Yeah who knows. It really hurts though. It does. How are you doing?

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    • This is also a guy who was going to surprise me with a lot and propose to me on that lot to build a house on... Same guy who flipped a switch about 6 7 months ago. Guess the feelings changed durastically. He did propose in a different way though

    • Bad times. Have you still not heard from him? I've not heard from my guy either. I've not tried to make contact in a week and a half. If he wants life without me then so be it. I am getting stronger each day. Which is a good thing as I know he hasn't got the balls to contact me again. What a rubbish way to end five years together. Xx

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