Does the I contact rule really work? Do all of the articles on how to get your ex boyfriend back on those websites really work?

Has any situations worked out for you and why? How did you make him come crawling back? What was your situation? Do you have any tips?

I I was engaged for 3.5 years and he ended it and says he wants to be alone. He still answer my calls but he doesn't contact me or doesn't want to hang out


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  • Honestly no contact rule only works if you realistically want to move on, you both are in a place if you have no contact don't want to break it because of pride. If you want an ex to come back you can't make them but be apart of their lives to realize that they like you in their life as a partner etc. To just talk with someone is different than seeing them, wait it out and hopefully he'll come around but don't want around for him.


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  • Sometimes it works


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