How do you know if someone is gone for good or might come back?

How do you know when a break up is really over or if it has a chance of reconciliation?

Why would you go back?


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  • If they stop responding to you, then it means they're gone and went for someone else.


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  • You never really know until they come back... so it just takes time... but don't wait for them. Keep moving forward. If they should come back and you're at a place in life where you want them too, then just take things slow..

    • Yep. I wonder how many guys actually go back. X

    • Quite a few do, and its usually after they realize what they let go. Whether I go back or not depends on the circumstances, why the break up happened and if I still love them or not.

    • Lets hope though as its just stupid at the mo! xx

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  • Until they say they want back, they are gone for good.


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