17 year old and 27 year old?

Do you think a 17 and 27 year old couple can work out? My ex just dumped me for a 17 year old girl co-worker.. They say they are madly in love but my ex and I where together for 5 years until he randomly fell out of love with me? Now they are talking about settling down and being each other's soulmate by they've only been talking since we broke up a month ago? What is your take on this situation?


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  • Sounds a bit young for him, couldnt he wait till she was 18? Anyways, if we take age aside then we have two people who seem crazy about each other so who knows. I wonder what he could have found in her that he didn't find in you.
    My take, move on, there's no other choice even tho its not what you wanna hear.

    • She'll be 18 in a couple months... And yeah I'm trying.. Just hard after being engaged and trying to find a place together to have him just say goodbye. I don't love you anymore. Having this co-worker be my kiddos babysitter for the summer as needed. To have him go to her. After them both telling me they are just friends to find out a couple weeks later they are dating is just extremely weird to me

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    • Hard to say... Heart says one thing but my mind says another

    • Honest answer

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  • He's crazy and going through a quarter life crisis. He'll regret it once he realizes he's dating a child.

    • Some women are very mature at a young age, can't generalize people.

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  • You are much better off now. Consider this a "stop the bleeding / cutting your losses moment". Ask youself this: What if you were with him another 5 years, married with baby, and then he pulls this shit? The point is he, at 27, is unstable and, at 27, he should have been more stable than this. He is not marriage material. Move on. You will be better in the long run.

    • Look at your last two G@G questions... Looking back, we can see that this guy of 5 years wasn't really for you.

  • they can work out since both are mature.


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