Help!!! What should I think about this situation?

My ex and I hang out off and on. If I can't hang out he understands and accepts it and vice versa.
Every time we do hang out it always feels exactly like when we were together like we do everything the same as when I would be with him. We kiss, cuddle, hold hands and everything else. He also doesn't have a problem with telling me thing's like when we were together.

I just don't know what to think of this situation we're in?
Guys help;!!!
Guys opinions please!!!


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  • Do you want to get back to him or no?
    If so.. just be honest about it and tell him
    I mean he's doing all this because he wants you back
    All you have to do is to look straight in his eyes and tell him"I want to start all over, and I want this relationship with you"
    That's it.. it's just that simple😊

    • I have before and now its his turn to say something.

      What makes you think he's doing this because he wants me back?

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    • You're the one who decide not me 😊
      Just trust your heart

    • Well I am, it feels very passionate when were together but then I don't want to get blindsided either seeing as that's what other people's opinion s are.

      What do you really think?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Disappear for abit and he will soon say how he feels. If you give him everything he needs then he can just be single right?

    • I have disappeared for a bit and after awhile he contacts me and if I'm not available to hang out he says he understands and waits until I am.
      Then when I see him he always says he misses me

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    • The other girl is of the same opinion as me but it doesn't look like u want to hear what we are trying to say. Basically don't act like a girlfriend if you aren't one. As he has no reason to commit to you.

    • I'm not acting like a girlfriend.
      So yet you aren't telling me what to do that I haven't already tried.

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  • Who left who?

    • He left me but it could of been my doing too.
      It really doesn't matter anymore

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    • It's been more than enough time were he could meet someone else if he really wanted to

    • Then he just wants to be alone or just screw girls both of which he just needs someone to feel like they care about him

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