My ex boyfriend is confusing me?

Alright so, my boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship going, he would drive down every weekend to see me, and we would hangout, and talk. He would sleepover at my house this lasted 10 months, but he started to get sick a lot, and missed a lot of weekends, and didn't try to communicate with me, so I just gave him some space, but apparently that didn't work and made him angry.

I hadn't seen him for 2 weeks, and The Olympics were on, I started watching them with a few guy friends, and he heard about it, and got really jealous. I don't understand that, he knew from the beginning that I have a lot of guy friends, that I am not interested in, that were just friends. Somehow he was convinced I was cheating on him. I asked him about it, we argued and then he broke up with me. I was devastated, later he told me he still loved me, and was sending me break-up songs, and love songs over MSN.

After than happened, we started talking for about a week, and we decided we would still be friends. Then he started ignoring me again, and distancing himself. So I left him alone. When March Break rolled around, I texted him and asked him if he wanted to come down for a bit and hang out. He agreed, but later on that night he told me he didn't love me anymore. I was devastated again. He didn't end up coming down, and has barely spoken to me since. He rarely tries to contact me, so I give him space and leave him alone. I have deleted him from msn, Facebook, and MySpace. I don't text him, and when he texts me, I show no interest, but he still flirts, and tries to make me jealous?

I don't understand him, and when I ask him what is going on, or where we stand, as friends, or nothing at all, but he never replies.

What should I do?


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  • he still loves you I don't think you should ask him anything just keep showing him no intrest he will be back. like they aways say you want what you can't have...if you show no intrest he is going to want you even more


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