He hasn't reached out in weeks now?

Ok so my boyfriend, or should I say ex boyfriend and I haven't spoken to me for a few weeks. He was going through abit of a blip and kind of threw the towel in. I expected him to realise it was a mistake due to commitment issues and he hasn't reached out. Makes me very sad. I have been silent for a week now. Last time I saw him - I turned up at his house as I was being ignored - he just kept saying he didn't know.

I know I need to deal with the situation but am struggling as it was so shocking and just unexpected I guess as we was planning on buying a house and stuff then he suddenly bolted.

When do I give up I guess? Because I am struggling to not think he will come back - I have never had a break up before and we was together for 5 years this month. Please help.

Also, how do you move on from it?
He hasn't reached out in weeks now?
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