How to end an affair?

Long story to make it short I have a girlfriend and she is engaged and both of us know what we are doing is a mistake but can't stop it , We both feel guilty to use our partners' trust but can't stop it and do it again and again behind their back.
Also I think my girlfriend is suspecting she think the same about her fiance so we want to find a way to end this affair before ruins our relationships.


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  • Just... stop.

    "We can't stop" is such bullshit. You either want to or you don't, there's no can or can't about it... if you don't want to, then do your partner's a favour and leave them. You know what you're doing is wrong and even if you do stop, you've already dishonored your relationships and your partner's deserve better.


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  • There's no such thing as you can't stop it... I mean if you commenced to continue in this habit than I can seriously say you lack guilt like you stated, because when you feel guilt you know you have done something wrong and natural human behavior has us cease doing something wrong once we determine in our. minds it is wrong.


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  • Stop calling, meeting and communicating in any way and MOST importantly of all... stop getting naked together.


  • Don't meet with her then lol she's not your girlfriend, your a bit on the side


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