It was a joke?

Me and this guy dated for a year and I thought he was the day I called him and when he answered,he started yelling at me.i didn't know what I did and when he stopped I asked him what was wrong.he started crying and said I'm sorry and hung up.I deny know what to do.I got on MySpace and I had some new messages from girls I didn't know.and they were all about him,saying that they had slept with him while we went out.then later I called him and I didn't yell and I didn't get mad even though I was really upset.when we were on the phone,he broke up with me.and now I'm depressed.I haven't gone out with anybody since we broke up 3 months ago.I haven't talked to any guys either.I still love him even though he cheated on me.what do I do now.?how can I get him back.?


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  • you don't want him back. I know you think you do but you deserve better. and NOTHING is wrong with not dating anyone yet. you're obviously not overr him so why rush moving on? focus on gaining your confidence back because I'm sure that is shot. I know mine was when I got cheated on. I also started dating rright away which was a MISTAKE because I needed time to recover. I ended up destroying the relationships I got in because I expected to do the same thing that the cheater had. the fact is is that not all guys lie and cheat. there ARE good guys out there and you deserve one of them. you love the guy you thought he was. try to realize that he is not that guy and move on. even if it takes awhile you'll be better off. I prromise


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  • You don't want this guy back, and the more you try and hold on, the worse it will get for you! If he loved you, he wouldn't disrespect you by cheating and being abusive on the phone. Cut all ties to him immediately, and avoid any future contact whatsoever. Find a guy who'll love and respect you.

  • Not worth it. Once a cheater always a cheater. Trust me.. from a guys perspective he has moved on already and the only reason he might get back with you is just to hook up... nothing serious. Time will heal the heart, and go out with friends in big groups to meet new guys. Right away you will compare the new guys to the cheater but eventually it will fade and you will realize that you are better off without him. You deserve better than a cheating dude so give yourself a chance and get back out there.

  • He admitted he cheated on you, if you do get him back he will continue to cheat on you, do you still want to be with him, it will be like an open relatoinship. Maybe he has moved on, if he has tried to contact you in the last 3 months it would indicate he is over you. Either move on and find someone else, becasue this is not healthy long term. Or if you really want him contact him.


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  • oh he sounds like a manwhore. I'd just snap and say good bye.

    find a better guy who isn't such a pain. :)

  • He doesn't deserve you. You want him back? Why? maybe because you miss what you had before you found out what a piece of sh*t he is. you can do better! if you get back with him after he did you like that he will continue to mistreat you and you don't need that. time heals all wounds. you're not gonna be over him right away, you can't turn your feelings off like that. but don't get back with him, stay strong and you will get over him


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