Help!!! Is this weird or is it just me?

My best friend was asking if I found any new love interest and I replied no so then her husband asked me if I still talk to my ex, which he has never asked me that and we been broke up for some time now.
Then the next day my best friend asked me my ex ever acts like he wants to get back together since I told them we do talk.

I just thought it was weird they both asked those questions about him because the night before we were hanging out but they don't know about that as far as I know. And then as far as I know they also don't know that we hangout at times and act like were together when we hangout.

This is what I thought was weird about them bringing him up like they did. Am I right or wrong?


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  • A coincidence maybe
    So do you have any intentions to get back with your ex?

    • I don't know but is it a coincidence or does she know something you think?
      It thought it was a little fishy.

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    • Got it

    • Thanks

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