Constant ex arguments - will he come back?

every month me and my ex end up getting into nasty fights over message - basically his coping mechanism is to shut down and become cold and move on - I find this super hard and try and get SOME reaction from him to indicate if he still cares by picking fights

Am so embarrassed of my behavior its been 6 months - it just upsets me so much how he doesn't even want us to know each other anymore?
We ended on good terms and nobody cheated. Can tell he has had enough of the long messages and stuff - which i get I just can't seem to help myself!

Will he ever talk to me again like normal after this? I know i will need to leave him alone for a long time - but is he gone for good? I just loved him so much and hurt that he just cut me out and is acting so cold. I am never going to message him again - just want to know if you think he might try and get in contact again one day...

Constant ex arguments - will he come back?
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