Constant ex arguments - will he come back?

every month me and my ex end up getting into nasty fights over message - basically his coping mechanism is to shut down and become cold and move on - I find this super hard and try and get SOME reaction from him to indicate if he still cares by picking fights

Am so embarrassed of my behavior its been 6 months - it just upsets me so much how he doesn't even want us to know each other anymore?
We ended on good terms and nobody cheated. Can tell he has had enough of the long messages and stuff - which i get I just can't seem to help myself!

Will he ever talk to me again like normal after this? I know i will need to leave him alone for a long time - but is he gone for good? I just loved him so much and hurt that he just cut me out and is acting so cold. I am never going to message him again - just want to know if you think he might try and get in contact again one day...


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  • The problem is he's ready to move on and you're not. You gotta just let him go. Will you guys continue to talk? Yes if you stop causing arguments cause soon he will just block you out of his life.

    • Am scared he already has had enough. Its just so sad and hard to bear that he won't ever think good things about me anymore... wish there was something i could do

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    • Think he has already blocked me :(

    • My bad for the late response but take things slow and he will unblock you soon and when he does just start a casual conversation. Don't mention nothing that could make him mad ok.

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  • What are you even fighting about? Your relationship is over.

    Don't say "you can't help yourself". You're a 25-29 year old woman, and you have to THINK these things first and THEN put in all the effort to TYPE it out, AND THEN HIT SEND. Woman up and just stop. Communicate like an adult and tell him this is the problem rather than trying to pick a fight to get some reaction because all you're doing is creating negative associations with conversations with you. He's not going to want to talk to you much if all you do is fight all the time.

    You haven't given much insight into who he is, though if you've been fighting for so long I wouldn't be surprised if you guys did talk again. You say you didn't end on bad terms, but I feel like you did with all this.

    • I get annoyed because he shuts down and acts so cold towards me.. He lead me on for so long so it's an emotional turmoil.. It comes from a place of hurt and lack of understanding how he could just not care about me at all anymore :/ it's like trying to explain feelings to a robot sometimes so I get frustrated

    • But it sounds like he's just going to continue to do this. Fighting more isn't going to solve this, he clearly doesn't want to let you in or communicate with you, so picking more fights isn't going to make it better. You're the one causing your own emotional turmoil now because you keep trying to look for something that's not there. I get where you're coming from, trust me, I really do. But believe me when I say that it doesn't matter where it's coming from anymore, the best thing for you to do is to just chalk this up as a loss and not waste any more time or energy or emotions on this.

  • you should just let him go... no use of thinking about your ex.. there is plenty of fish in the sea... until then do things to divert your attention from him.. like develop a hobby or something


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