Friend/lover vs lover/friend?

So my question is this. I still speak with my ex girlfriend and she is with a boytoy which is truly her sugardaddy because he pays half the bills and buys things. She is a bit naive and not seeing this. She enjoys the partying more with this guy because he also has no children and never married. He is a boytoy. Alas she said to me that we were friends first then lovers and he is lover first then friend. She can have a 20 minute to over an hour conversation with me by phone and it feels like time flies. With him it is pulling teeth she said. When we are together we have a good time. She has some pent up anger with me and I know this because I saw her last Tuesday and she punched me for no reason in the arm and left some decent bruises. I called her on it and she really went after me a few days later. She still loves me and said she will never love someone as much as she loved me. Feelings are there for me as well and I would love to get her back. For now I am asking this.

My question is do lover/friend relationships last or fizzle out compared to friend/lover relationships?
Friend/lover vs lover/friend?
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