Girls, is my ex playing games?

We broke up a few months ago, have a mutual friend. Anyways, she started dating this new dude quickly after we ended things. Now it gets interesting:

- Although she knows my brother, they aren't that close, so when she called him to ask if he'd help her find a present for the guy she's dating and told him all about how nice he is, what he calls her and how he is, my brother came up to me completely shocked and confused as to why she would reach out to HIM...

- She texted me asking me how I was, then during the evening when I was with our mutual friend she CALLED ME and asked if I could hand the phone over to our mutual friend to tell her about the guy she's currently seeing. Both me and my friend were confused as to why she didn't even try calling our mutual friend...

- Then she texted me and after a short convo she literally left me hanging for days before she'd reply again...

- After I texted her, she called our mutual friend to ask for advice on what to reply me...

The hell is happening, girls?


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  • Yep still playing games. She's just rubbing her relationship in your face and trying to see how you'd react and hopefully get something out of you. Just ignore it, nothing you can do until she gets over herself, unless you want to confront her about it.

    • What does she want out of me? If she was happy with the guy and completely over me she'd not care about if I know or how I'd react. Let's be honest. I've heard that the guy texts her back DAYS after she texts him and generally doesn't seem interested. So if she knows he isn't interested, WHY is she rubbing it in my face and reaching out to ME?

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    • So I shouldn't even talk to her?

    • I would say no, it's not worth it.

  • Cut off all contact. I don't even know why you're still dealing with it

    • But why is she doing this? I know the guy she's seeing isn't really into her, but why is she reaching out to me? What does she want from me? These games are pretty sick and immature, but she wouldn't play them if she was over me...

    • She's desperate. She needs to feel superior by making you regret breaking up with her. Just ignore her. If she is really trying to get revenge, then just ignore everything. I know you may not want to, but if you are annoyed with her desperate attempts to get your attention, ignore her /-\$$.

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