Would he take me back?

Its been about 2 months since we broke up, it was kinda nasty. he got banned from me and grounded for 3 weeks. I broke up with him because i knew i was going to be extremely busy and stressed and when I am stressed i take it out on other so to avoid a lot of fights and drama, i ended it and explained why. Yesterday i messaged him and he got his stuff back. i have been very depressed and sad without him. I tried explaining that I got better and stuff and how i miss him and am very depressed. he told me that he is finally starting to get over me and how he is doing his best not to be bitter towards me and mad. He said its took awhile to deal with the fact that the one he loved dumped him. do you think there is a chance he would still go out with me again? I still love him and regret leaving him but if he is happy, i don't want to ruin it.


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  • Tbh I feel he might not since he said he is finally getting over you. I think it depends if he can get over the fact you dumped him. But if he did dated you again he might be scared you might dump him again. I think you would have to prove to him that you wouldn't break up with him again. That might be the tough part. But their is some hope since you and him are still talking.

  • I would say leave it. If you try it may lead to that "on and off" scene. Since he is trying to forget you and not be bitter towards you, if you did things to dissuade him it would confuse him. Chosing between what he wants and what he should do. I am sorry, but I am taking the guys side. Dont confuse the felllow. Also, you too stick to what has happened. No matter how sad. I urge you not to reverse whats done, because it will be just to difficult for most people to go through. One way for both of you to forget is to find someone else.


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