Which is harder to face: Knowing you won't be missed or knowing you weren't wanted in the first place?

  • Won't be missed
  • Unwanted to begin with
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  • Knowing I won't be wanted. I know of people who don't miss me after I've left their lives, but if I knew that I wasn't wanted in the first place that would really hurt because it meant that everything before meant nothing to that person and whatever we had wasn't real to begin with.


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  • They seem like two halves of the same coin. If you aren't wanted you won't be missed and if you aren't missed you probably weren't wanted.

    I'd say unwanted is worse because it is the cause of the second and actually affects you while you are still around.

    • If you are around and unwanted why would you stay? Or is it ignorance and desperation that keeps you around?

      I'd think the other would hurt more but shows what I know.

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    • Well we keep winning through tech outsmarting the universe so it'd take a major threat and sudden reality. Like the sun just going Nova randomly.

      No idea. It's probably not impossible but my knowledge there is weak at best.

    • What about famine, disease or nuclear war?

      I don't understand how it would work. You wouldn't be continuing or transfering consciousness on the machine, you would just be creating a copy of what was on your brain and essentially replaced by the copy.

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