Have you ever written a poem for an ex boyfriend/girlfriend?

How do you express your emotions after a break up? If you have ever written anything and you feel comfortable sharing, I'd love to read it.


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  • Nope -- and I actually recommend strongly against this. I did write a letter once, horrible idea in retrospect.

    Confessing feelings when someone else is trying to distance themselves away from you generally doesn't bring them back. It might even push them away further. And it makes the break up more awkward than it needs to be.

    If you want someone back, it's generally better to attract them back to you by being attractive to them and giving them a chance to miss you. It's kind of like the reset button was pushed on the relationship. Just like it's not good to confess your deepest feelings to a crush you never dated, it's generally also not so good to confess your deepest feelings to someone who broke up with you. It might be reasonable to ask them out at some point but it's generally better to keep it light and easy and friendly.

    • well, I never meant to send it. I agree in most cases you're right. But sometimes, when you part on good terms due to unforeseen circumstances or if you simply just grew apart and wanted to honour all the memories, I think it's a very sweet thing to do. I'd write a song if I could. I would never be brave enough to send it though :) I drew my ex while he was sleeping too and never showed him. I think most of the time art should be kept away from the person who inspired it, but I do think you have to express your feelings if you still love them. It's often done because you want closure, not because you want someone back. I don't see a future with my ex, but given the chance I would tell him about how much I will always love him and how much of an impact he's had on my life. You can completely love someone without being in love with them anymore.

    • Oh, that's quite different then. If you're on good terms with him and the goal isn't to kind of lure him back through the act, I think that's quite nice. Apologies for jumping to assumptions -- I've often encountered a lot here on GaG who had that idea that confessing their feelings in some form, while being brokenhearted, will bring their lover back. I've seen it backfire too many times.

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