Does my ex want me back?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now.
He made me his girlfriend after the 2nd month we were dating. On that date ( right after he called me his girlfriend) we got into this fight. He called me selfish for not having sex with him. Next week he called me to say things weren't working out with us. He says I hurt his feelings but that he's not mad at me anymore for refusing sex. He just wants to be friends now but he says that if he feels our relationship as friends working out, we can date again. He occasional txts to see how I am doing, and asks when we can see each other.
Does he have mixed feelings about me?
Does he want me back or just miss me?
Does he just want to be friends?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It is clear that he places more emphasis over sex, than emotional bonding. Not saying that's wrong, but your priorities are different. So it won't work out with him. You'd better find someone else who values love and emotional bonding more than sex.


What Girls Said 1

  • He wants to see if you're ready to have sex with him yet.


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