When you can't let them go?

I broke up with my ex two years ago. Since then, I have been in a relationship with a great guy and I've been healthy, but I am always thinking about my ex and how he made me feel. My feelings for him were very intense and special. He did terrible things and we were incompatible for the most part, but he made me feel more than anyone has in my life and it still haunts me to this day. He's expressed that he feels the same way, has told me I'm his one, he will wait for me, has begged for me to even just be his friend in his life after months of no contact. Im terrified to see him because the passion is so intense that I couldn't take the feelings. I know he feels strongly for me and I always have for him, but since he treated me poorly I stop myself from showing him how I feel.

I don't know what to do. I broke up with my "good" boyfriend because I felt a fraction of what I felt for my ex and I was very unhappy - thought about him all the time. My ex is one of those people who shows up all the time, like fate. I'll see him, he'll message me, something will happen. He's the person I always look for, want to see and hear from. I was thinking of adding him on FB to relieve some of this feeling... What should I do..


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  • Try or regret it. If you try and fail, you will be hurt, but you won't wonder later.


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  • I know this feeling... I have a guy like that! He seems to read my mind and shows up when I am at my weakest and miss him out of the blue.
    I have been fighting towards this feeling, he made me feel so right but also broke my heart all over again. I can't just let him do it over and over again. I think I'll miss him forever and he actually tried to come back just recently... I also accepted his fb friend request. But well, I am fighting towards the need to tell how I feel.
    If you feel like there is a chance for you two, do it! Tell him! Contact him! I would if I had the slightest bit of hope left...


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