Why doesn't he talk to me anymore?

so i been talking to this guys for maybe like a month he has a girlfriend but then he tells me they broke up(&i think he lying) and through out the whole month we been talking its like flirting and stuff and all of sudden he just stops texting and skyping so I just wanna know what going on with him. FYI: he's seeing his ex or not ex in a few days and my sis thinks he stopped talking to me so that I don't text him or something when he's with her.

so PLEASE guys and girls help me cause I really started to like him!


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  • it's probably because he's seeing his ex. I had a similar situation with a girl who had an ex bf, then they got back together. Haven't heard from her in over 3 months. Just realize it's an unfortunate part of life and even though he may like u, it's likely he wants to get back together with his ex or his ex is pushing him back. Whatever the case, you could talk to him and let him know you really like him or simply be patient. It's probably best to let it go though because a guy who does that does not deserve a lot of respect on your end.

    • Yeah I told him I liked him and everything.

      thanks for the answer though really true what you said.

    • Cool, I wish I had that opportunity with the girl I liked, but she didn't even give me the chance (even though I'm fairly sure she liked me)

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  • Forget about him...


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  • This guy sounds like he's all games. If you're already having problems with communication and trust I don't think it's worth investing more time..

    • Yeah that's true.

      i mean we knew each other for like 4 years and he tells me now that he always liked me and he couldn't make a move cause I was dating his friend.

      but he probally is all games now I just wished he wasn't.

    • Maybe he's backing down because he doesn't want to jeopardize his friendship with his friend that you dated.

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