I broke up with the best guy I've ever known! I don't know if it's guilt or I really like him but I'm very upset. I miss him what do I do?

Okay so my story is a bit complicated. Two years back I got to know my guy best friend has a crush on me and later he confessed it to me and I happened to say no because we both were from different religions and I was scared if our relationship got serious there would be huge problems at home. We went on like that for 2 years and after that I told him a yes because I felt I should give us a chance and not leave space for regret later because I was sure he really really loved me although he tried to suppress it. But when I said yes I started freaking out... I had a million butterflies and I was feeling guilty like I was doing something wrong to my parents. And the next day I told this to him and we broke up. He stopped talking to me altogether. The next 10 days were terrible. Horrible. I missed him a looooooooot but I thought maybe what he said was right and we need to stop it because we knew this won't work out. After 10 days he sent me a long text telling me all the problems he was going through and how much he missed me. Very soon he asked me if I was ready to try a second time. I said I needed time to think and take a decision. I thought and thought and eventually said a yes because I knew I would hurt him if I said no and I didn't want to lose him. We were on a long distance and it would continue because we were going to different colleges in different cities. Two days back I don't know what went through my head but I asked him if he was serious about our relationship being long distance and all. He told me all about his plans of meeting me and all regularly. I was still scared that it will end eventually and I told him I'm not sure if my feelings for him are as strong as his for me. Then all hell broke loose. He asked me why I didn't tell him that the second time and why I made him a clown. He blocked me everywhere and told me not to contact him ever again. This is my first relationship experience. I know I'm at fault. Things just happened. i want him back. :'(


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  • no guy wants a girl like that, a girl who feels guilty for having a guy, you have too many issues.
    your not going to get anyone if you dont really want them.

    • Bro I'm a brown girl. He is a brown guy. Dating and relationships are not a thing everybody does here like they do in te rest of the world okay? It's the way we are brought up.

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  • First, having a boyfriend long-distance is the first red flag but I mean I can understand that you didn't want to hurt him. Secondly, If there is anything I learned from past relationships is that I should never accept a guy because I feel guilty. It made things go downhill. He was able to manipulate me to do many things I didn't want to do.

    I think the best advice to give to you is to get over him. Since you've already developed feelings, it will be really hard to forget him. It may be shorter, but it depends on how you take on the situation. Also reflect, but not too much where you are accusing yourself for your actions. However reflecting won't help unless you make sure you don't make the same mistakes again.

    I wish you luck with your situation.

    • Hey thanks a lot. Yeah I have been trying to reflect on everything. He's a really sweet guy and I have started developing feelings but there's no point. He is not responding to my texts and has blocked me everywhere but then he texted our mutual bestie that he thinks the breakup was his fault... So do u think I might have a chance in getting back?

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  • Talk to him for a reconcilation

    • You think he will listen?😞

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  • Didn't I just answer this question?

    • No no I just joined! Help man

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