Why is my ex ignoring me?

Our breakup was nasty but he still called me and hung up the next day. 3 weeks later we are in a BBQ together he says hi to my best friend but doesn't even look my way. Then he starts to brag about how much money he has and showing off his new iPhone that I always used to complain about him
not having lol.


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  • Same exact reason you're both "ex's". From the looks of it he is trying to be a big cunt just to get a reaction of out you OP. Just ignore the prick too and find another man :). One that isn't a cunt like your ex. Trying to hit on your best friend eh what a dick.

    • He wasn't hitting on her, she is dating his best friend so he went over and said hi to both of them but ignored me.

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    • We broke up arguing basically insulting each other so it's like how do we look goin back like I miss you lol maybe it's one of the two you said or he doesn't know how to approach me

    • Maybe so, but keep what I said in mind ;).

  • he's ignoring you because you two are each others ex. Its over


What Girls Said 1

  • He's over you


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