What can I do with this ex situation? Possibility of getting back together?

Me and my ex broke up a couple months ago. I didn't talk with him until recently. I was so mad that he was lying and he was with another girl. When I found he got engaged to her I was so upset I think I had a panic attack luckily my best friend calmed me down. I did the no contact thing. About two months ago we talked it was great we laughed he said he was really happy so he said and his life was going great... Fast forward to last month I get the urged to talk to him so I messaged him he replied back. He was always interested if I was dating anyone I found that strange, he said he's been thinking about me because he saw something that reminded him of me and he's also been dreaming about me then asked me if I had been thinking of him. I proceed to ask him if he's happy and then he tells me he's single since three weeks before that they had a big argument and she said a friend treated her better he also caught them kissing and holding hands at the mall and I guess he confronted her I don't know the details. we keep talking the days pass. I got sick like two weeks ago and told him he asked how I was and so on. Again he says he dreamt about me he says he misses doing it with me and every time together was unique and different he did it cause he had feelings for me, spending time with me and he went and said he still had feelings for me. Two days pass and we reminisce about a day we spent at the beach the whole day together. I finally bite the bullet and asked him directly do you miss me? He replies yes how we talked, laughed, looked at each other I can't forget it I keep dreaming about it and feeling you it was really special. i admit I got emotional he knows how I feel. So couple days ago he asked me when we can go out I told him I'm free this days and we kinda left it at that for the moment. So I saw some post from his ex and she also liked some of his post in this past days I don't know What should I do? I know we need to sit down and have a serious talk about everything.


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  • You need to run. He only wants you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. You'll only breakup again


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  • Yes you do need to sit down because its clear he moved on so quickly and is capable of lying. He was with another girl and you, he knows how to play it well it seems.

    • I know but i can't deny what i feel i already told my mom who knows everything that i may forgive him but i won't forget what he did. I don't know if i should give him an ultimatum about everything if i should look flawless when i see him or hat but i do know we do need to have a serious talk. Thanks for your answer :)

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