What does he mean by my ex is crazy and obsessive?

We are like on the verge of going out when his ex MSG me and tells me he is a jerk and he tells me she's crazy and Facebook stalks him who should I believe the guy or the girl


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  • In this type of situation, it's very difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth here. If your friend and his ex girlfriend didn't part on nice terms, it could be possible that she's simply telling you all these bad things because she is jealous and doesn't want to see him go out with anyone else. It's also entirely possible that she's right about him not being the nicest guy. Did you find out what the circumstances of the break up were? Did he cheat? Did she?

    If you want, you can talk to the ex and ask specifically what happened to make her believe that he is a jerk, but realize that just because those two had a bad experience together---it doesn't mean that you two will. Sometimes people just don't click.

    Ultimately, you should just observe this guy's character and his actions while keeping in mind what his ex told you. After a period of time, if you find that his ex's claims have no validity based on your own observations, then she was probably just being dramatic.


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  • I would spend more time with the boy and find out. Considering you and the guy know each other better, it makes more sense to at least hear him out first especially if his ex only contacts you once to say stay away from him. The girl could genuinely mean that... but that's probably why they're not going out anymore. She might still have feelings for him.


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