Girls, Ex says she doesn't care if we're not friends?

So my ex was talking to me for a few months. She decided that we were better off friends. But she kept call me for sex. And I've moved on from her and the sex. We have done this whole thing before. And it/she ruined my last relationship.
I told her we couldn't be friends anymore. She says that she doesn't care if we are or not. Do you think she does and says that she doesn't?
p. s she told me she loves me and still cares about me. We were dating for around 3 years.


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  • She is not over you, and she does not mean it.


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  • It sounds like you decision to stay away might have hurt her feeling. She could also be trying to making a real attempt to accept your decision and move on. How would you have ideally like her to respond?

    • I really want to get back together with her and she said she wants to be friends forever. So I said I couldn't do it anymore

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