Why is my ex boyfriend saying bad things about me? He called nasty bitch?


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  • Can you give some more detail about the situation OP? Like as to why he said that, tell a bit about yourself. Tell a bit a little bit about before he started saying rude things.

    • Like we dated long time ago and he always calling bad names. Like bitch. Nasty bitch. I'm stocker and all that. The last time he said bad things about me he wanted me back.

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    • Yes all the time to he's friends then my friends plus I'm friends with he's sister. Your right about everything you said. And I'm over him long time ago he just probably don't want me to move on.

    • Sometimes the loudest dog has the quietest heart. That really sucks that he has to say such names about you, but hopefully his friends, your friends, and his sister know the truth based on your actions. Good Luck OP. :)

  • Because he can.. probably angry too


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