Girls, My ex says she's afraid of me?

My ex and I had a blow out on New Years Eve. Long story short, we were out and she was texting a male freind, I had said something about because it irritated me, so she got mad, told me to take her home and said she needed alone time to deal with a recent miscarriage (ours).

Now I'm pissed, drop her off and sit in her parking lot and stew, while I'm there she called and sent me texts saying she loved me and such, then I see her about an hour later come out waving at someone and see another guy meet up with her and they go to her apartment. Me being the inquisitive guy that I am, knocked on the door and ask her if this is what she called alone time and left. She followed me we were screaming at each other and everything else. She has PTSD, from abuse as a child, she's also 23 and I'm 46.

Ever since then, she's been hot and cold, we've hung out, and of course no sex. I ask her to get back together and she tells me she's scared of me because of my actions, which I admit over the 7 months I've gotten frustrated with her about getting back together. I've never laid a hand on her, and I've only yelled at her when she's yelled at me, and whenever I tell her we should stop talking she gets pissed.

I'm totally confused...


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  • you are so old how can a 23 year old woman want to date you. She s a kid she have age to be your daughter. ewww

    • She chased after me, age is just a number. We're 2 consenting adults and that's all that matters.

  • you could be her father


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