Is she a rebound?

I'm truly devastated please be kind. We were best friends for two years but he always wanted to be with me but we were both in relationships during the first year. I didn't want to jump into another relationship so we waited another year just being really close. We fell out at one point and he came back four months later saying there's nobody like me and we became friends again. We got really close and began dating. We didn't become official, at first I wasn't ready it was scary to date my closest friend and he understood. It was about 6 months down the line and I had been ready for a while and he hasn't asked me. We started arguing more. We calmed and we said I love you to each other for the first time properly. But then it went weird again, we broke up. He told me he loves me and it's just bad timing. We didn't talk for two weeks but during that time he wrote a poem about me, and kept liking all of my posts before contacting me apologising and saying he wants me. I said yes to being friends and he blocked me again for no reason. We argued and I said we can meet up and talk. He said no and he knows I might move on but that he just needs time, and he will be back. A week later he's with somebody else, a month after saying he's in love with me and only wants to be with me. He wanted me for three years. Now he's suddenly wifh some random person, I don't understand he was my best friend I'm truly heartbroken. We helped each other through everything and got along so well, I helped him with his career and he told me I inspire him, helped him through break ups and vice versa, we made each other laugh. I'm truly heart broken. Why would he say he's coming back and then do that to me... Is this a rebound?


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  • It sounds like he is unsure of you... like he is attracted to you but your past together has kead him to the conclusion that it just can't work and he is moving on.


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