Whats the point of unblocking someone if you're truly over them? isn't it easier to keep them blocked? won't unblocking show u still think ab them?


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  • Continuing to block indicates that one of you had not fully moved on. If he has moved on, then there is no need to block him and leaving the block in place only makes him feel increasingly bitter about you. You don't need that in your life.

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    • Depends. Some people gete are annoying, so I leave them blocked for a bit. Eventually, I unblock everyone. In some social media, I only permanently block obvious phishers.

    • *here not gete

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  • is it easier to keep them blocked. sure but it's takes only a click of a button to unblock so it's pretty easy too

    for me blocking is so i don't have to see something. in the case of a relationship that would indicate that i'm not really interested in seeing them because it may bring up emotions. so by that logic unblocking means that you are probably over the person because you can see stuff about them and not get overly emotional about it

  • Sometimes, I forget the reason why I block someone lol. So, I just unblock them and that's that, really. It "might", show that I care, but honestly I just forget the reasons until they remind me of course. ^^

  • Not conclusive whatsoever. Likewise you could unblock someone if you're indifferent.

    Them showing up at your front door at 2 in the morning is another story, though.

    • ? but it shows you still think abut them right? if you're blocked and then they unblock you?

    • Personally, I don't read into this type of stuff. It might as well could have been their cat that jumped on the keyboard or played with the mouse such that it so happened to unblock none other than you.

      Not likely to happen, but a possibility nonetheless.

  • If you're over them, it doesn't matter if they're blocked or not. You're over them.

    • but if you had your ex blocked, whats a reason for unblocking them?

    • No idea. I'd probably not block her, unless she like did something terrible.
      Maybe unblocked like "I am not angry anymore?"
      "Blocking isn't right. Let's talk? As friends"
      "I'm unblocking you. Let's try to end this on good terms or at least Better ones"

      I'm just trying to find reasons here

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