He broke up with me out of no where?

We have been dating a couple of months. He started getting super sweet and caring in the last month. Which in turn also made him anxious about our future. how realistic it was for us to be together according to him. ( I got accepted into grad school in another city only 2 hours away.) I told him we could do it. He was super sweet the other night saying how I'm perfect for him and how he doesn't want to get hurt. He also said I should make sure I don't get hurt by investing into our relationship which is bound to fall apart. In synapses I told him 2 hours isn't far , we could make it work. He agreed and the next morning he blocked me off facebook and won't answer my texts. WTF? Thats an immature way to break up with a girl. I obiovusly want him back or I wouldn't bother writing this. What should I do? Why is he being this way?


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  • He doesn't seem to see that there is a future in this after all , that's my take on it. But you wanting him back is the proverbial jumping from the hot pan into the fire. Really he just dumped you in the most childish way imaginable. Yet you still see a reason to feel he hasn't shown you his true colors?


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  • Let me just say this...

    A man who wants you will do anything to keep you. Anything.
    Same vice versa.


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