(Sorry long read) I'm starting to miss my ex... Can I get advice please?

OK well... We went out for a good 6 months we really liked each other but then we had to break up under unfortunate circumstances. Afterwards like a whole year later she messages me saying she wants to get back together, but I couldn't get back with her, ( I don't wish to explain why) so we agreed to be friends. This lasted for a about two months, we were slowly going distant towards each other. I didn't see her anymore. Fast forward to today I'm starting to miss her and I feel like I made a mistake and I think I should contact her. What do you think? And am I a bad person for doing so?


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  • If anything you're a good person for doing so. I would contact if I were you. Doesn't hurt to try and hope never dies.


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  • It doesn't hurt to try but be prepared that she isn't interested


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