What is saddest and most romantic song you've ever heard?

For me it's pale blue eyes, velvet underground. Can't listen to it without crying every single time :(


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  • Even after more than 16 years, I still can't listen to Chris Cornell's "Follow My Way" without tears in my eyes.

    The song captures, so elegantly, the simultaneous feelings of devotion and desperation that I felt, when I met my husband and knew he was The One for me.

    I knew I NEEDED this man... desperately... for the rest of my life.
    But -- by meeting him and falling so hard for him -- I learned that I'd been wrong about MYSELF for all those years. I really *couldn't* make it all alone.
    Being THIS in love was the best thing that had ever happened to me... but, I knew, it also held the potential to be the worst, too.
    For the first time ever, I felt truly vulnerable -- for the first time ever, a man was in a position where he *could* hurt me. Could destroy me. Just by walking away.

    It scared me. (Sometimes it still scares me, and we've been married for more than 15 years.) I tried to push him away a few times... but he knew better.

    To me, this song captures all of this. Just replace "boy" with "girl" in the lyrics, and... yeah.
    Follow me, boy... even if I'm pushing you away, because I'm scared.
    Follow me, boy... even if I'm suddenly nothing underneath it all.
    Follow me, boy... even though I have no idea what the fuck my heart is doing to me, and even less of an idea how to navigate it.
    Follow me, boy.
    For the rest of our lives.


    Little one don't be a fool,
    I'm a wreck when I look mighty.
    In Euphoria I'm bruised,
    In confusion next I'm lightning.
    In complacence I am small,
    through oblivion I'm charged.

    So follow my way,
    when I'm not leading anyone.
    Open and frayed,
    when you can see that I'm unsure.
    Out on my way,
    I'm only pure when I get lost,
    and you're only needing when you're finding that I'm not...

    You're just looking for a [girl],
    bathed in infrared and sunlight.
    I'm all polish and reward,
    when I'm confident, I'm hopeless.
    Just like everybody else,
    right before they fall apart.

    [chorus, different from the 1st]
    So follow my way,
    when I am falling from your heart.
    When I'm the pain,
    fever and sweet relief in one.
    Out on my way,
    though I'm not worthy of your trust.
    Follow me down into a swan dive,
    all eyes closed tight...


    • [bridge]
      Lowly, slowly, now I know I love where you go when you're gone...
      Warm your hands inside my veins,
      I might be contagious,
      through oblivion I charge.

      So follow my my way,
      when I am useless to your cause.
      When I derail,
      calm in the patience of remorse.
      Out on my way,
      Out on my empty open nerves.
      When all you know is that I don't know where we are.

      When all you know is that I don't know,
      Follow my way...

    • this is why I will never fall in love again. Nobody should have that kind of power over you :/

    • Nah, it's a wonderful thing. You can stand on the diving board all yr life... or you can dive.

      I'd feel the same way even if he broke my heart tomorrow. Still worth it. Always worth it.

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  • Gay.

  • "I want to know what love is" - Foreigner (IMO)

  • Miracle in December for both


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  • Creep, Radiohead
    when you're feeling like shit and think of that special someone..


  • Radiohead- last flower and how to disappear
    Muse-soldier poem
    Nick Drake-riverman
    Sonic youth- superstar
    jackson c. frank- milk and honey
    placebo- without you
    the smiths- asleep
    heather nova- gloomy Sunday or the orginal billie holliday

    This aren`t the saddest song. This is for me some of the saddest songs

  • Anything by tom odell. The tawness in his voice just speaks to me with so much emotion written in the lines.

    • have you heard "little darlin' "? I love that one or I know. I like his lyrics

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    • you're still young, your music tastes will mature with time. just keep away from the mainstream shit :) they're all sellouts

    • I've had the same taste for quite a while now, thanks. You can just not like a certain band or singer, to me it's those.

      Mainstream shit can be good, look at beyonce, sia, drake, kanye west, eminem, rihanna etc. Not all are of course.

  • Don't Cry by guns n roses is one of them for me , always makes me tear up.

  • I can't listen to hero - Enrique or iris - goo goo dolls. Just reminds me of the shit with my first boyfriend and makes me sad

  • That's Georgian song of singer Nino Katamadze, "Once on the street"

  • Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To You.

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  • I know a few xD
    Ron Pope-A drop in the ocean
    James Arthur-Say Something, Impossible (I prefer James Arthur's versions, he sings with sooo much emotion)
    Josh Daniels-Jealous (The song is from Labyrinth but again I prefer this version)
    Bruno Mars-Talking to the Moon
    And anything from Adele really, for example First Love
    I was gonna put a few more, but then I'd never end the list, I've been heart broken in my life a few times now lol


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