Why would he treat me like this and get with another girl so soon?

We broke up a month ago. I was hurt. During no contact he wrote a poem about me and kept liking all of my posts even though he wasn't following me before messaging me and telling me he misses me. We were seeing each other for 9 months but extremely close friends for two years. We were each other's rock, he loved me for two years but didn't tell me for the first year, I had just come out of a relationship and wasn't ready so it was another year before we took the leap from friends to dating. We had such a deep connection for years I can't explain it.

I was shy at first. It was weird to be dating my best friend. I was adjusting to feelings, it was so surreal. He was the kindest person in the world and I felt so lucky to be with my closest friend but I am such a shy person at the start of relationships. He told me every day he loved me and really tried with me. I started to try more and show less nerves. he started to get more distant. Trying less, telling me I didn't care or pay an interest and he was scared I would cheat on him. He told me he loved me. But he kept telling me I didn't care when I was trying so hard. Less than a month after break up he's with someone new. He told me she pays an interest and they've met each other's families within a week, we spoke like old times until suddenly he kept trying to make me jealous by discussing the 'things' he does with her. He became horrible, making fun of my figure and telling me I'm awful to be with, I didn't show I cared (I seriously did.) early on in the relationship so the rest didn't matter, saying how I suck in bed and all this stuff I've never heard from him before. It ended horrifically with is ripping pieces out of each other's ego before blocking.

He was my best friend. I was only ever used to love and care with him and he's just dropped me like it's nothing. He loved me for three years? Why would he do this? Is he rebounding? Why is he being so horrible? We planned a future together. I truly loved him


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  • I do not know why he left, but he is definitely rebounding with her and might be saying all these horrible things about you to justify to himself why he broke up with you even though he should have kept them to himself 😔🙄


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