Is it weird that I didn't cry over my ex? Felt sad but no tears?

And I truly enjoyed spending time with him but I couldn't cry and it's been months and nothing but i did feel sad.. How weird is that?
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  • At least you felt something. Being sad sucks. But it's way better then crying buckets of tears. Im assuming you must be healing and getting over him?

    • Yes, but it's hard to forget when i felt truly happy and all were laughs with him but he moved away amd it was a messy break up. I felt more sad when he moved away than when we were over, I guess when he left I was preparing myself for the break up. So now we have no contact, i messaged him through facebook (6 months after) and no reply and he blocked me on whatsapp

    • That sucks he moved away and the break up was messy. Yes true it is hard to forget when things go good. At least you tried to contact him and be the better person. That sucks he blocked you. I think eventually you have to try to forget about him and don't be afraid to date other guys. You will find somebody else.

Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I think most people don't cry over that shit tbh.


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  • did he die?

    what do you need to cry over. if you stopped feeling anything for him and ended it, that's normal.

  • That happened to me... but it didn't hit me until a year later. Once that year came I was a wreck...


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