If we love eachother, why can't we be together?

First off, I'll apologise for the Long paragraphs and thank you so much if you read through everything!

My Boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. I love him so much. He cried when we broke up and said he doesn't want to lose me. His reason was us not being as close as before and the little fights we have. Whenever i ask him why he doesn't want me anymore or why he's so fine with us not talking, he'll get upset saying it hurts a lot when I ask him that. He said he still loves me and wants me but doesn't see us getting back together. I asked him, since we both still love eachother, why is he doing this to both of us? He said he's very conflicted and doesn't want me to wait for him because it'll hurt me even more but he would want to try if he could. "My heart wants me to but my head doesn't" is what he said.

I stopped being needy and is giving him space. I stopped texting him recently because it's always me trying to start a conversation so he's now initiating contact first but sometimes take hours to reply. Though he no longer shows affection, he stares at me from a distance and I can see the hurt in his eyes when we make eye contact. He still has my pictures in his phone and the gifts I gave him (he brings the keychains I gave everywhere he goes). He can't sleep when he knows I'm crying and he's putting all the blame on himself.

It isn't family issues because his family likes me and he would always tell me things related to his family. There isn't someone else he likes either (he got pretty upset when I asked) and said I'm the only girl he looks at. I don't understand? I really love him and I still show him I care but he's trying to push me away. It hurts so much. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't care but I know he does. If we still love eachother, why can't we be together?
If we love eachother, why can't we be together?
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