He was my person , Could time be an issue to ever work out?

He is honestly and always will be the one that I will always have a spot in my heart for. The one that got away or time just wasn't on our side. He was my other half. Eventhough we did not date for years when you meet someone even after a few weeks etc you just know, and I knew. Our time together was amazing and we always got along and had so much in common and just connected on every level. My freindss, his family etc had never seen me happier and his family liked me a lot for him. It was 3 months in and he started struggling with money issues and having no job. He shut down from everyone and I rarely saw him etc. He was like this for about a month i reassured him it would get better. He found a temp job until his summer employment started, but before that all this got to him. He broke up with me due to part of this and then him saying he didn't feel us growing and connecting together. The thing was that we did before this ever happened. He was so into me saying how he falls more for me everyday etc, so it confuses me. Still bothers me. After the breakup he initiated contact first the first few weeks. We never agreed to be freinds or whatever but he still texted. I tried my hardest to stay calm and think the best. We did wind up sleeping with each other 3x since and i dont want that to be what it is. I slept over all the times and it was like we still were connected. we still talked and his summer job started. He texted me happy birthday and I told him i hope he has a great first day. That was a week or so ago, he texted me back last night and asked how I knew I told him he had told me a few times and he said he was suprised i remembered. Here and there I just say little things to let him know im still here and care. Not saying things will worl out which i mean i hope they do but if not then so be it. It is very much so still hurting me because he was my person but maybe time was not our freind and he needs to get his life together.
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Just to get it off my chest I might just tell him how I still feel for him. Not saying anything will happen after but for my own well being I think this is something I need to do. There are good nights an then there are nights where I am still upset. Like I said we were not together for very long but having that connection with someone you just know they are for you.
He was my person , Could time be an issue to ever work out?
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